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Rumble Coffee Roasters

Though we are based in Sydney, we just had to get a Melbourne based roaster on board and Rumble is just the perfect fit.

Rumble Coffee Roasters have spent the last decade training the arts of coffee roasting, coffee making and cafe management and are now ready to supply knock-out coffee to Melbourne and beyond with The Coffee Network.

Rumble sources from the best growing regions in the world and they are on a constant search for delicious coffee.

Specialty Coffee at a Fair Price

What also drove us right in the arms of Rumble Coffee Roaster is not only their passion for bang-on good coffee, but also their focus on the people along the supply chain. Transparency in coffee is a movement to disclose what roasters pay for coffee and how much of that is passed to the farmer. They believe this is the way forward for specialty coffee, so they launched their Transparency Project.

The Transparency Project is a venture into a brave new world. Terms like ‘specialty coffee’ and ‘direct trade’ have lost all meaning. Rumble is changing this by arming us with the truth.

They aim to buy quality coffee at at a fair price and tell the world about it. A fair price is one that can support farmers, their families and the environment.

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