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Returns & Refunds

The specialty coffee offered on The Coffee Network is a hand-crafted and made to order. This means that taste characteristics strongly depend on brewing method, subjective and shelf life is very limited.

The scales used for evaluation on our marketplace serve as a guide to make finding the perfect coffee for you easier. We have evaluated each coffee carefully following a two-tier approach. First, we let our roasters evaluate their products, and then we verify those valuations using a range of different brewing methods. If you feel like a coffee does not match a description, please get in touch via We love to discuss our products. However, due to the subjective nature of the many facets found coffee, we cannot accept returns based on dislike.

We can also not accept returns based on “change of mind”, as we only offer the freshest coffee. A return would substantially reduce its shelf life. Besides, our policy does not permit resale of returned coffee.

However, in the unlikely event that you do have concerns regarding the quality of your delivery, please do get in touch with us via and we will sort it out.