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Expat. Roasters was created as a passion project by Australian champion and number 4 in World Coffee in Good Spirits 2016 Championship Shae Macnamara in 2016 in Bali. 

Driven by a desire to produce an exceptional, unpretentious brew, from the ground up, Expat. Roasters works closely and respectfully with local Indonesian farmers and producers to source the finest local product to compliment their nomadic collection of beans from around the globe.
With plans for global expansion, Expat. Roasters launched their business in Australia in June 2020 and are currently roasting in Sydney and wholesaling across the nation. With the same vision to bring great coffee to the masses, Expat. Roasters have managed to source some of Indonesia's best green beans to make available to the Australian coffee market alongside some amazing coffees coming from around the world.
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