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Which brewing method is right for me? Espresso, Aeropress or Filter?

Most of us are creatures of habit, so we usually stick to the same brewing method - all. the. time. There is nothing wrong with that, but different methods offer a huge variety both in flavour and practicality. This article summarises the benefits and drawbacks of espresso, filter and Aeropress.

Thanks to my North European upbringing, there was only one brewing method that dominated my morning routine - filter. Then, after falling in love with coffee entirely, I bought myself an old Italian espresso machine - a golden Elektra with a shiny eagle ornament on top. It was a great machine and shifted my preference to espresso and the occasional flat white or cappuccino.

The Elektra was replaced by a Rocket Evo (fantastic choice) and a Rocket Fausto Grinder (also fantastic choice). Though coming with a heavy price tag, I am confident that it was one of the best investments ever. I don’t stick with one method all the time though. I also have an Aeropress for the weekend away and a pourover filter for lighter roasts.

So which device takes the cake?

How about... all of them?

There is no clear winner for me, and this guide will help you through the decision process. Each method has its own strengths and weaknesses which I have briefly outlined below.



  • It’s really versatile - You can make any (non-filter) coffee beverage: Espresso, cappuccino, flat white, you name it.

  • You will be able to get all sorts of flavors out of your coffee if you have a good grinder and a scale, too.


  • Quite expensive. But: it pays for itself quite quickly if you replace your daily takeaway coffee. It’s much better for the environment, too.

  • A bit higher in maintenance than other methods.



  • Great for fruitier and lighter roasts. Delicate flavours come through really nicely.

  • Cheap! You can get simple pourover filter set for under $50.

  • Quite easy to learn.


  • Not quite suitable for many milk-based favorites.



  • Best of both, filter x espresso hybrid. Perhaps closer to filter.

  • Super lightweight and portable. Great for travels.

  • Actually makes really good coffee. Not surprising there is actually an Aeropress world championship (which was hosted in Sydney in 2018).


  • Not quite as versatile as Espresso machines. Other than that? Hard to tell! Aeropress is actually an amazing device!

To sum up:

If you want a solid machine to make a variety of espresso, flat white, cappuccino, long black or espresso and have a bit of a budget: invest in a proper espresso machine and grinder. You won’t regret it.

If you are on a smaller budget and like fruitier and lighter coffees, try a pourover filter or Aeropress.

Whatever device you chose, quality coffee and freshness is key, of course. We have a large variety, suitable for both your preferred brewing methods and individual preference. Just head to our Coffee Finder - it makes finding your next favourite coffee really easy!

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