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What Makes Australian Coffee Better?

What Makes Aussie Coffee Better?

What makes Australian coffee better?

If you go to order a flat white overseas, you know that it is just not the same. Australians do coffee well, and it can often be a relief to have your preferred coffee order when you get home from an overseas holiday. Alternatively, if you are an aficionado, you enjoy your own particularised brewed coffee at home, with your home coffee set-up. 

Fun fact: Australian coffee is so good that Starbucks struggled to gain a foothold in this country. This massive corporation is a household name in America. It opens stores daily. However, in the first seven years of operation in Australia, Starbucks accumulated $105 million in losses. In hindsight it seems obvious - of course Starbucks cannot compete with the diverse and nuanced panorama of espressos available in every corner of Australia.

So, why is this the case? Why is Australian coffee so good that Starbucks struggles in Australia? How has Australia managed to arrive at a point where international coffee titans struggle against corner mum-and-dad cafes. Well, it is a result of Australia’s Italian and Greek influence. After WWII, these cultures brought with them their appreciation for good coffee. Australia simply added milk

Coffee culture blossomed and focused on the espresso, which basically provides more intricate flavour profiles than batch-brewed coffee. As a result, Australian’s have developed an appreciation for quality over quantity. Coffee is not merely a liquid medium for delivering caffeine into the body. It’s an art. Australian coffee has passion. It has finesse. 

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