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Surprising Facts About Decaf Coffee

Many coffee lovers tend to simply refuse to ever drink decaf coffee. It is just not the real thing or I may as well drink tea then. Fair enough. There are some pretty bad decaffeinated coffees out there that taste watery, flat, dull and boring. And some even say that is full of chemicals? Let’s clear things up a bit, because some decaf coffees are actually worth it.

1. Decaf coffee is actually not caffeine free

Caffeine-free coffee is not the same as decaf. There are several methods used to remove caffeine from coffee. As caffeine is soluble, liquids are commonly used in the process. In most processes, approximately 95% of caffeine is removed with a tiny amount left. Even though it is possible to remove all caffeine from coffee, it’s usually not worth it. Such methods require the use of chemicals and other harsh forms of processing that not only remove all the caffeine, but also much of the flavour.

2. Watch out! There is good and there is bad decaf!

Decaf used to have a pretty bad reputation. This is mainly because of traditionally rubbish coffee that was processed to oblivion, sometimes using chemicals or even benzene. This is not only toxic, but also not very gentle to the coffee. No wonder the result is pretty yucky coffee. Another more sophisticated and gentle method is swiss water decaf. It’s not made with swiss water, but the method was developed in Switzerland. It’s actually quite simple. Green beans are soaked in lukewarm water then dissolves most of the caffeine. Needless to say, we only offer swiss water decafs without the nasties but with heaps great flavour. 

3. About 10% of coffee drinkers prefer decaf

Research has shown that about 10% of coffee drinkers prefer decaffeinated coffee. This is surprisingly low proportion, since many coffee drinkers tend to avoid coffee in the afternoon simply because they tend to have trouble sleeping well at night. These figures are quite consistent with our experiences. By the way, it’s not only the ladies who appreciate a good decaf.

4. You can improve your sleep with a good decaf strategy

Everybody reacts to caffeine differently. Some people tend to be totally unaffected and smash a triple espresso at 9 in the evening.

However, some seem to experience trouble falling asleep when drinking coffee in the pm. Why not simply have both? A regular coffee for the mornings to kickstart the day and then switch to a good decaf in the afternoon?

5. Decaf and regular coffee is made from the same beans

There is no naturally occurring decaf. All coffee beans come with caffeine, decaf then only means that the beans have undergone a process to extract most of the caffeine. Make sure your decaf is swiss water decaf though. 

6. Some decafs are actually pretty damn good

Like many other coffee drinkers, we also held the belief that decaf is not ‘real coffee’. That’s simply not true. There are fantastic decafs in the market - Nine Yards Mexican Mountain Decaf is smooth and comes with notes of caramel and nuts. For a fantastic allround Decaf try Josie Coffee’s Colombia Decaf. First Batch roasts a beautiful Decaf using beans from Colombia and Ethiopia. Another favourite is the Decaf by Crema. It doesn't only bring a balanced palette of lime, malt and milk chocolate to the table, but has also scored medals at the Golden Bean Awards every single year since 2010.

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  • Good information.

    I am now drinking decaf.There is not much available in grocers.I would love to taste test first but thats not possible.Which decaf is best for flavour? A hard choice I guess but I drink it for flavour over caff effects.

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