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Drink Coffee & Lose Weight. Too Good To Be True?

We’re huge fans of coffee related research. Especially if they serve our purpose. Now the jaw-dropping news: Researchers from The University of Nottingham have just published a paper that suggests just that.

Drink Coffee, get skinny

This - more or less - indeed sums up the findings of the study. More specifically, coffee seems to stimulate brown fat functions that are associated with the generation of heat when burning calories.

Brown fat? I just know brown rice as the base of my poké bowl. What are you talking about?

Turns out that there are several types of fat: White fat, which is mainly used in storing energy. Yeah thanks Maccas.

The verdict is - coffee seems to be useful in stimulating brown fat functions which in turn create heat when burning calories. So far, so good.

Infinite coffee = size zero?

Now, perhaps the next thing everybody is thinking now is “Easy as, I will just smash 50 lattes a day and get me self new size zero budgies”. Hold your horses. The study did not include lattes, caps, flat whites or anything the like. It’s just about coffee, so espressos may work.

So, 100 coffees a day? Doesn’t that ring a bell? Absolutely. This ‘25 coffees a day is not a problem whatsoever’ was recently boasted out in every media outlet. That this is perhaps not entirely true was discussed in an article in Time magazine.

So what’s the verdict, chief?

An independent panel of The Coffee Network coffee snobs, caffeinados, life coaches and 18-degrees puffer jacket wearers clears things up: Don’t drink 25 coffees a day. Don’t use coffee to lose weight. In fact, here an exhaustive list of things you should do with coffee:

  • Drink

Well, and enjoy. You can also use old grounds as a scrub or as fertiliser. But mainly, drink it whenever you like, how much you feel comfortable with. Just make sure that the coffee you drink is of exceptional quality, fresh, and suits your taste and brewing method.

Luckily we have plenty of that here. 

Happy brewing :)



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