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COVID-19 and Coffee

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Coffee and COVID-19

Australian coffee culture is unique and diverse. It is worth protecting. It is also under threat as a result of COVID-19.

COVID-19 may only be easing for a very short time due to the fact that cases are once again rising here in Australia. While you still have the freedom to move around, be sure to get out there and support the Australian coffee industry. For example, go and sit down and enjoy a beautiful flat white at your local cafe. This is required because it will be difficult for many of the cafes that have made it through the first wave of COVID-19 to survive a second wave.

Roasters, the backbone of the coffee industry in Australia, are suffering too. A fantastic way to help them out is to buy their coffee online. We connect Aussies with Aussie coffee roasters - you can support a range of coffee roasters by purchasing their blends from our website [click here]. 


If you are deciding to try making your own coffee at home due to the fact that you are in lockdown, we particularly recommend trying pourover coffee blends. A pourover coffee set-up is easy and cheap - all you need is the brewer and some coffee filter papers. They are available in many places online. Pourover style coffees favour lighter roasts, due to the fact that the coffee is not being subjected to high pressures. For example, try Single Origin Filter Roaster’s Choice from Josie Coffee. Pourover coffees usually bring out lighter fruity or flowery coffee notes, as opposed to the nut or chocolate notes that you usually find in espresso blends.


Anyways, the point of this article is simply to remind you not to forget about those who make your morning coffee every day. We are doing our best to support them and you!


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