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5 Best Strong Coffee Blends

 5 Best Strong Coffee Blends

Our List of the 5 Best Strong Coffee Blends

All of the below coffees are featured on our website. We have tasted many coffees blends from all over Australia; we particularly focus on tasting pour-over coffee and espressos, and so this list may reflect a bias towards blends that favour these types of methods. Regardless, this list will hopefully help you make better purchasing decisions. You really cannot go wrong with any of the coffees featured on our website - they are all carefully selected from Australia’s finest coffee roasters. In our humble opinion, the following are the 5 best strong coffee blends for your morning cup of coffee that will wake you up and allow you to to get the most out of your day: 


  1. Satan’s Crowbar 


A full body, with low acids; this coffee is bold and rich. It is expertly roasted over at our dear friends from Rumble Coffee Roasters. There is a large dominance of dark chocolate flavour notes, but more interestingly, this has fine brown sugar notes. It’s like a caffeinated brownie! Being one of our darkest roasts available, this coffee blend boasts a strong flavour. It also has a cool and unique name that matches the strength of its flavour profile (if that is important to you). We highly recommend that you give this blend a taste if you are interested in strong coffees.  


  1. Shadow Boxer


From the same roasters that blessed us with Satan’s Crowbar, Rumble Coffee Roasters presents our second strongest coffee available. This coffee’s name is apt; it is so strong it will punch your palate. It is composed in such a way that is an ideal foundation for a strong flat white. This coffee needs milk! This coffee blend has flavour notes of toffee and raspberry. It also has a lingering chocolate finish with only a little acidity. 


  1. Double Kick


Coming from Crema Coffee Co, this blend has fruity and nutty flavour notes, with a tiny hint of sweet chocolate. While the flavour notes of this blend are not necessarily original, the intensity of this blend is off the charts! It struggles to be matched! If you are looking for a kick in the morning, this blend is up for the task. Seriously, it is strong. 


  1. U47


We always love the coffee blends that come from Darks Coffee Roasters. Their process seems to generate such scientifically precise flavour notes that we can rarely recommend any other coffee blends.  This coffee blend boasts flavour notes of malt and nuts, as well as dark chocolate. In our humble experience, a combination of these coffee flavour notes can often be considered too heavy, however, with this particular coffee blend, these flavour notes are so excellently balanced that the taste experience is clean, light, and sweet. This blend hits the sweet-spot of delicate flavours against flavour strength. 


  1. Venture 


First Batch Coffee Roasters have created another masterpiece. They keep delivering. This blend is complex. It has a wide flavour pattern. It boasts sweet and fruity notes, with medium acidity. This coffee is probably the least strong blend on our list; however, this comparative lack in strength is required in order to emphasise and accommodate for the complexity of flavour notes that dance within this blend. If you are interested in something a little more nuanced, but still want a strong coffee that packs a punch, this is the best coffee for you.  


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